a good day

thank you for all the kind birthday wishes. it was a good day – a great day. i would love to share pictures of our delightful dinner with you but it was dark outside. really dark. like so dark they hand you small flashlights to see the menu. when we were being walked to our table the hostess said, “oh, someone hired a mariachi band to play for them.” a mariachi band. at baleen. supposedly the most romantic dinner spot in miami. as we were led to a covered table outside overlooking the bay she asked, “or would you like a better view of the mariachi band?” um, thank you, no. don’t get me wrong, i love a good mariachi band. and these guys were good. but it’s not what i was expecting. evidently it wasn’t what the fussy ascot-wearing british man behind us was expecting either. “this is gah-bage!” he kept saying and had the waiters rushing around in a flurry trying to get the band to stop. they eventually did.

the food was wonderful. my plate really deserved a picture: cane sugar blackened tuna with crab and cocunut rice, green papaya salad, and a creme fraiche avocado wasabi sauce. oh my. but between appetizers, drinks, and entrees there was little room for dessert. can you believe that? a birthday without dessert. two and a half un-rushed hours later we left.

omar, his family, my family, and friends are indulging my new found sewing/crocheting passion. i think omar was just tired of hearing me say, “let’s go fabric shopping!” to which he would passionately respond, “but you don’t sew!” well, he has now brought me one step closer to actual sewing. he bought me a sewing machine. the sweetie. family and friends gifted me some sewing supplies and i treated myself to some books, yarn, and fabric. asher is to be the recipient of the first crocheted blanket and the fabric…well let’s just see if i can get over my giddiness and actually open the sewing machine box first.


and what’s a birthday without a little trip to anthropologie to buy some totally unnecessary dish towels? it’s not one, i’ve decided. thanks, mom.


my first weekend as a 28er will be spent crocheting, reading and coffee drinking, zoo playing, and perhaps box opening.


5 thoughts on “a good day

  1. It’s been a great 28 years, sweet daughter. And thanks for bringing your three boys into our lives.

    Interesting how much fun breakfasts have become in our times together; same with your brother, too.
    But wondering why cream of wheat is never on the menu….

  2. omie, ya got me on the mariachi band, except if pitchers of margaritas are served as they play!!

    glad to see you weighing in here on the site. fun, fun.

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