a mere 28

i woke up this birthday morning to a cool sunny day and pancakes. and two children. two years ago today there were no babies but there was a plate full of strangely awful cornflake covered french toast. we have never been back to that diner. i’ll take pancakes at home with the three boys anyday. tonight omar and i are going to baleen, a restaurant on the bay. a gracious and generous friend gave us a gift certificate and i’ve been browsing their menu online. you can sure bet i am not ordering the iceberg wedge – i don’t care that it is “baby iceberg” and covered in roquefort. people, it’s a chunk of 13 dollar iceberg lettuce!

so here is to my first day being 28. let us hope it is full of happy kiddos, breezy skies, and a quiet birthday date.





8 thoughts on “a mere 28

  1. Happy Day , Kate!
    So what to get a fellow foodie and “sister earth revolutionary”? A cookbook, of course! Seriously, you’ve heard me carry on about Herbfarm and Traunfeld, so here goes to cooking with herbs and maybe, just maybe, enticing you and yours back to Seattle for some good eats (hope the link works here…) Love you, Kel

  2. 28! I don’t know why, but I LOVE even numbers (especially 2, 4 and 8…why not 6? not a clue).

    Anyway, Lee and I are each enjoying a glass of wine tonight. With love, here’s to your birthday!

  3. how could i forget seeing that you share your b-day with landon! Happy birthday i hope you had a wonderful time celebrating! no beautiful pictures of your delightful meal yet!

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