march 2


a breezy day

learning what it means to worship alongside two little ones

a long nap…too long

loving our med student friend who came over to check up on elisha 

loving med student’s wife for vacuuming our carpet 

going on a date with asher to whole foods

making friends with the cheese lady at whole foods

realizing this new friendship is such a good one

sampling cheese:  raw milk zamorano, raw milk taleggio, ossau-iraty

buying cheese:  taleggio, ossau-iraty

trying to find lemongrass to no avail 

a kitchen date with omar after the babes are in bed

mahi mahi with a vietnamese-inspired sauce sans lemongrass

blood oranges




10 thoughts on “march 2

  1. Thank you, Kate, for introducing us to Pollan, soulemama, orangette, and fresh pears.
    And for the joy of sharing life with you and your three guys.

  2. What a productive day! And keep enjoying those kitchen dates – fond memories to smile about through the years, especially when you can get him to cook. 🙂

  3. What did the different cheeses taste like? As far as I know, we don’t have that broad of a selection here.

    Your meal sounds very tasty; I might have to do something similar to that once my husband comes home from Iraq.

  4. hey there, marie. let’s see – they were all sheep’s milk cheese so they tasted…sheepy? i must say it is kind of difficult explaining the taste of cheeses. the taleggio is a soft cheese – a bit softer than a brie. the ossau-iraty was a hard cheese and not too strong. so good. actually, omar and i were listening to npr’s “the splendid table” and a man was on talking about cheese from the pyrenees and mentioned ossau-iraty. he said it’s one of the oldest cheeses in the world and that ossau-iraty has been made the same way for close to 3000 years. so when i saw it at whole foods i had to try it. and it was well worth it. i’d definitely splurge on a fun meal for when your husband gets back!

  5. Kate–how did you learn to spell those cheeses? Do you have any comments on Velveeta? I bought my first (box) in 20 years and it wasn’t a good thing. If you come visit we will have some GOOD stuff on hand. Love you all 4!! (–)

  6. mimi – you are too funny. i’ll do my best to mask my horror at the velveeta slip-up 😉 but i must ask… were you thinking it would be a good thing? and as for the spelling. well, i always did make it down to the last two or so during spelling bees.

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