i love power

as in electrical power.  south florida is in the middle of crazy power outages.  but here i am smack in the center of miami with my air conditioner purring and my freezer keeping my meat nice and frozen.  kind of weird.  my little hurricane radio is on just in case it goes out again.  let’s just hope that if it goes out again that this 90 degree heat will immediately plunge to 70 or so.


4 thoughts on “i love power

  1. I know!! Don’t you feel a little guilty that we are sitting in our wonderful air conditioning while others are sitting in the dark? I LOVE electricity. And Thomas Edison.

    By the way, I really like the Lynn Baab book you asked about – thanks for tipping me off to her. I also checked out the one on fasting, but decided to start with the other since I was interested in what she had to say about the Sabbath. But I don’t think you qualify to read a book about mid-life, missy!!

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