and we’re home.  i don’t like coming home after dark.  (i won’t go into why we did or how we were supposed to be home well before the sun bid goodnight.  i guess usair just thought it would be fun.)  our place always feels cooped up and stuffy after being closed up for over a week.  it makes me want to run back to where we came from.  especially when we visit family. morning light always makes the transition back to the ordinary a bit easier.  and as much as i love cloudiness and rain, the miami sunshine in our kitchen is just lovely.

aside from a few of us battling the sniffles, our trip was relaxing and quiet.  elisha befriended millie the cat.  he enjoyed the chilly weather and the outdoors.  asher discovered his tongue.  and we all enjoyed great food, fellowship and conversation with friends.


i always said i would never dress my kids in the same outfit.  whatever.  they are too cute. 


on our last day my mom, some friends, and i made our way to a little tea room for lunch.  i think i’m on a bit of a tea kick now.  the masala chai was wonderful as were all the other teas we sampled.  we brought home scones, clotted cream, lemon curd and jam for the guys and we laughed as we sat around the table at the very un-teatime time of 9pm eating and drinking and agreeing that clotted cream does indeed taste quite cowy.




it’s good to be home.  elisha has been reunited with his beloved pots, pans, and tupperware.  we have been reunited with some long lost luggage…and some 89 degree heat.


3 thoughts on “home

  1. Hi, I’m glad you found my site and I’m glad I found yours. Its lovely.
    I remember playing with that bus.I wish I still had it. Hope your day way good.

  2. Glad you had a good time and are now home safe. We leave to go to Atlanta on Wednesday and home on Friday. I’m looking forward to going home, though. It will be sooo good to be sleeping in my own bed then on couches.

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