not even scratching the surface

it was reading about the meat packing industry that really got the ball rolling for changing our food ways a couple years back.  michael pollan’s the omnivore’s dilemma does a great job at describing the problems with the industry. my ears always perk up when i hear news bits discussing meat recalls.  and for an industry that is notorious for trying to keep their questionable practices out of the spotlight, it is interesting that the current recall from westland/hallmark surrounds the inhumane treatment of sick animals.  granted it was an undercover video that displays the cruelty but you aren’t hearing much from the packing plant’s higher-ups.  they aren’t even arguing with the felony charges against former employees.

i watched a bit of cbs’ the early show yesterday and the segment was supposedly going to address the meat recall. “how do you know if your meat is safe?” was the big question.  so did the perky brunette tell harry smith about the inhumane practices of meat packing plants and ask him whether we should question the foundation of the current large-scale meat industry?  no.  did she suggest we research small ranchers and farmers in our areas and consider buying from them?  no.  she just let us know that we should cook our meat to 165/170 degrees to make sure we kill all salmonella and e.coli.  someone should let the lady know that responsibly produced meat should not contain either disease.  and with a smile on her face she said that we should not be fooled by the color of meat. the packers add carbon dioxide to keep the meat red long after its prime.  her answer was to use your nose. again, no questioning of these practices.  in the end, yet another reason i cringe at what constitutes “morning news.”  sheesh. 

evidently we are supposed to keep on eating overcooked, deceptively colored meat and just keep our mouths shut about how that meat got on our plates.  rod dreher’s blog post on the topic is a good one.  check out the link at the bottom of the post and local harvest to try and find meat suppliers near you.

such seriousness for a vacation post, no?  don’t worry.  more pictures of babies, pie, and stuffed monkeys to come.    

5 thoughts on “not even scratching the surface

  1. ooh, that was a goodie. i really appreciate the link to “local harvest”. i found some small farms around us & also a local organic beef & chicken farmer about 3 miles from our house. i’m in cahoots with my sister-in-laws to buy some local livestock this spring. thanks kate!

  2. so glad the links helped, caron. i just talked with a friend who bought half a cow last year and it was quite cheap considering all she got. now i need to find myself half a cow…

  3. caron – the education book found its way to the bottom of the stack somehow. but after having a good conversation about it with a friend during our trip, it will hopefully be finished this week. i hope. i’ll let you know!

    jenni – a friend told me to invest in a chest freezer to store said half-cow. where on earth we’d put that thing in our apartment i have yet to figure out.

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