chilly chilly


check that out.  it’s not even 40 degrees.  i love north carolina.  the trip up was long, frustrating, and a bit adventurous.  but the boys were a-m-a-z-i-n-g! usair thought it’d be great to cancel our flight and not help us find another one.  we managed and ended up on a crazy turbulence filled flight to my parents. so turbulent that asher got doused with half a bud light from the lady next to us.  she was mortified.  asher screamed.  i tried not to laugh too hard.  after 10 hours it was that or cry.  

so now i’m cozied up to my dad’s huge, and i cannot emphasize that enough, imac listening to his itunes.  i click on “shuffle” and what comes up first but joss stone!!  and then i laugh even harder when andy griffith pops up next.  followed by pink martini.  too funny.  but the andy griffith part warms my heart.  i’m a closet matlock aficionado.  who doesn’t love a gray seersucker suit? perhaps a little food tv will be watched later.  we get a bit of a cable fix when we come up here.  i even had my anthony bourdain and samantha brown schedule mapped out, but to my utter disappointment the channel was canceled.  i guess i’ll read. 


the fire has been roaring.  tulips, apple pie, and china were enjoyed in celebration of valentine’s day.  and elisha is learning how to stock the firewood stash.  






6 thoughts on “chilly chilly

  1. Katie,

    What a luscious blog today! I’m really loving all of this. Give my love to your dad and mom. Chris & all get here tomorrow!! The pool’s heating up!!

  2. We really enjoyed visiting with you and Omar the other night. It was also great to finally meet Asher who is a precious little boy. We’ve really enjoyed becoming friends with you guys and hope to see you again sooner rather than later. Much love to you guys.

  3. Sounds like your family is having a good time. A fire, man. That sounds great. Here in Birmingham the weather is hot sometimes and cool sometimes. Well, I hope your family enjoys your vacation. We are having a good time.

  4. i agree, lee, it was great to see you all. maybe we’ll plan a little colorado road trip. trey, the fire is on hold – it was over 70 today, but it will be started up soon, hopefully.

    caron – i’d love to know the secret to get the gigs she gets. the hotels she stay at cause a little bit of envy on my part.

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