true confessions

i should be sleeping this cold off.  or packing for our north carolina adventure. instead i decided to prove to myself and others that there really was a cartoon from the 80s called the monchichis.  a few clicks and 45 minutes on youtube later, i am proud to tell you that i can still sing you many an 80s cartoon intro:  he-man, ducktales, the littles, wuzzles, jem, shirt tails, and she-ra.  i was a devoted she-ra fan.  her sticker shined brightly on my strawberry shortcake kitchenette.  and when a knock-off she-ra came on the market and started her own cartoon, i remember thinking, “ha, poser.”  now i am really off to bed.

oh, and as you can tell from the link, yes, there was a cartoon called the monchichis, and yes, i remember that tune, too. 


7 thoughts on “true confessions

  1. Ha! I’d never heard of most of these. I vaguely remember Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, Road Runner, etc. As my kids came along, it turned out that I loved to watch Arthur and Little Bill with them, as well as the short-lived Teamo Supremo, but I suffered profusely when we had to watch Bob the Builder and Caillou with Randy… Ugh! I just can’t stand whiners. The older kids would point out who needed a good spanking.

    One time we were visiting some folks from church that we were just getting acquainted with when nicknames started to be mentioned. One of my younger two chimed in, “My dad calls my mom ‘Rope-Girl.'” After the initial crimson face and sweep of nausea, a lot of quick explaining had to be done to point out that that Lee was called ‘Skate-Lad,’ and it was from Teamo Supremo. So be careful what cartoons you watch and what nicknames come from them! 🙂

  2. i LOVE monchichi and actually wasted i mean spent some time googling them a couple years ago. this is the commercial/song i remember and still sometimes sing in the shower

    my cousin in germany had a huge collection and i could play with them all day….what about the smurfs!?!?!

  3. sheila – i remember babysitting a kid who liked little bill. quite cute, as i remember.

    manya – love the link. and isn’t it just assumed everyone watched the smurfs? we lived in italy during the height of all things smurf. i remember drooling over some pretty cool window displays at toy stores over there. and my favorite gelateria had smurf gelato – creepy blue color with marshmallows. nice.

  4. Mrs. Ortiz,

    I must say I enjoy reading your blog.

    I will be praying for your safety on your trip up to North Carolina.

    I forgot to tell you, I’m glad that Elisha has a place to play outside. The Lord sure does provide.

  5. Oh Man! That takes me back! I, too, LOVED She-Ra, but I was always more of a Jem and Strawberry Shortcake girl. (I had the Strawberry Shortcake kitchenette, too. I played with that thing till it fell apart!)

    I miss those great cartoons! Though they do still show a lot of them of Boom network..which, sadly, I don’t get. : ( SO SAD!!

    Feel Better Soon!!

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