it’s monday


i’m making dinner and i realize it’s now become a habit.  i turn cans over to see their expiration date.  but i don’t do it, usually, because i think the goods have gone bad, though i’d have to amend that statement if i was at my folks’ house – their pantry is often full of expired surprises.  no, i play a game with the cans.  i start wondering where i’ll be or what i’ll be doing on that specific date.  i think i even set a goal of sorts for myself based on a date on a can of tomatoes a few weeks back.  and all last year i hoped i wouldn’t be pregnant on any dates in my pantry – it was a long, hot summer.   mondays are indeed slow around here.  let’s hope april 20, 2009 is a bit more exciting.


7 thoughts on “it’s monday

  1. Hi Katie!
    I’m really enjoying this site and the way you word things and the great pictures. I just wanted to say that on April 20, 2009, your cousin Emily will be 27!! That will be exciting don’t you think?
    Hug all the boys for me!!

  2. And for another game…name that canned food! That can looks really familiar. I am obsessed with beans these days, so I’m going to go with Publix brand kidney or pinto beans? What was the meal?

  3. I have my own ritual when pulling glasses out of the cabinet: blowing into the glass. It comes from when I took a glass from my friend’s cabinet years ago (in high school) and found ants in it. Weird. And why I’ve picked up blowing in the glasses from that I’ll never know.

    Hmmm…that was the most random story I’ve told in a while…and I tell A LOT of random stories.

  4. kel – you know, now that i think about it, i do make the noise on the cork. you’re supposed to, right?

    cool mum – nice going. it was a can of publix pinto beans. and dinner was pasta e fagoli – a quite tasty recipe given to us by a friend from rome. so it’s authentic roman style, not olive garden style. and may i just add that whoever redesigned the publix store brand look did an amazing job. who ever thought i’d admire the publix design and packaging?

    abbey – one of my dearest friends always rinses her glass first. even if it just came out of the dishwasher.

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