lazy days of january

it’s quiet around here.  a friend asked me the other night what i do during the day. while i was explaining i realized that to some my explanation could sound like life around here is boring.  but her response was unexpected and encouraging.  she said it sounded idyllic.  life with two little ones can be busy at times.  but i also realize that compared to days to come it can be quite steady on a day to day basis. i don’t know if i’d call it idyllic, but we still have two nap times around here.  so doesn’t that at least bring us closer to idyllic?  i don’t know how many quiet nap time hours of reading in the kitchen during the day i have left.  i’ll take what i can get.  and to appease family who would like to see the boys, here are some pictures from the week.

6 thoughts on “lazy days of january

  1. It’s funny the timing of my reading this post. This is the second day I have been playing nurse-auntie to a little boy who has a horrible ear infection (“I have a sliver inside my ear.” “No, you have a blood blister inside your ear.”) It is anything but quiet around here: “Auntie, did you know if you change the channel off the cartoons, you can see a show about babies” (Discovery Channel birth stories)…”Auntie, how many lemon cough drops can I have? (They’re ricola , all-natural lemon, so:) “you can have as many as you would like until the rest of the bag is gone”…Auntie, did you know there are twelve stairs on your steps?”

    Ah, the work and emails and “important things” can wait until later…


  2. Wow, Kate, your blog is so beautiful. You really have a gift for photography. I’m a little jealous! LOL! I’ll be sure to check back often. And how great is that garden your neighbors have offered to allow you to use! It looks like a little slice of paradise!

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