feeding the whole family – sort of

another great food book recommendation.  feeding the whole family:  recipes for babies, young children, and their parents. ignore the “babies and children” part if you don’t have them.  this is just a good cookbook for anyone.  the first 60 or so pages talks about whole foods, changing your diet, and general good foodie facts.  what makes this kid/baby friendly is that each recipe has a notation about how to serve your baby or toddler from the dish you’ve made.  very helpful.  our first recipe:  thai coconut chicken soup.  very good, friends.  but i did find it kind of amusing that as we sat down to eat, this was one of the few nights i served elisha something totally different from our dinner.  oh well.  here’s for trying.



3 thoughts on “feeding the whole family – sort of

  1. the previous edition’s cover was kind of lame, so it was a plus that mcclure did this one. to bad she didn’t do any pictures throughout the book, though.
    and that’s a yes on “the mission.” such a great movie!

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