out and about

to be by myself for a couple of hours is wonderful.  omar would say i get a bit giddy.  i sat in the car, looked down and thought, nice, no diapers in that bag today.


but it seems i get too giddy and either forget something i needed at home or do something that steals time…like dumping movies for blockbuster in the library’s return bin.  oy.  so after an unexpected trip inside the library i was off.  i should have participated in early voting while i was there–i was looking a bit like the american flag…

i landed here for an hour or so.  


no one is sure what the name means but who doesn’t like chocolate or fashion?  their food is wonderful.  the pastry case is all smudgy-in a good way.  i’m suspect of pastry cases that have no fingerprints.  the food needs to look so good that you can’t help but try and touch it. 

i started filling out this for asher while i was there.  i have a traditional baby book for elisha but i’m just not inspired to run around finding out the current prices of various items to record or note when his molars come in.  this journal is great. space for you to write and draw with nikki mcclure’s amazing art throughout. perhaps i’ll pick one up for elisha.  though we all know these books are really for me to read once they’re older. 

a good day.  topped off by a good night.  fajitas and margaritas with friends. minus babies. 




6 thoughts on “out and about

  1. Hi Kate!
    I found your blog from Sheila’s site. I keep up with you guys via you mom and dad whenever we visit our Harvest family. What beautiful boys you have! Anyway, I just wanted to pop over and say a quick hello from Israel!


  2. Sounds like a scrumptious day. That baby book looks beautiful. Problem is…the closest thing to “interacting with the natural world” my 8mo old has had is the time I shook some fake flowers near his face and he freaked out. ha Is that bad? We had some black widows knocking on our front and back doors. Yeah, that’s the reason.

    This is a great blog, please keep the posts coming!

  3. thanks for the encouragement, cool mum! and abbey, the outfit is a total “mall special” – gap shirt and penney’s bracelet. wish i could say i sewed the shirt and strung the beads but alas.

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