i’ll toss them a dollar or two only if…


i must say there is not much worse out there than npr on-air fundraisers.  but if you live in miami you also get to listen to monthly 9+ hour (not kidding) school board meetings.  let’s just say i would rather listen to one of the many reggaeton stations down here than that madness.  school board, really?  our county government is laughably corrupt, so it does nothing for my faith in the county leaders to hear them bicker about issues ranging from the inane to the scary.  so today in the car i missed my “bbc: the world” and elisha missed dancing to the musical ditties they play between stories.  and tonight i’m sitting here waiting for omar to get home while not listening to jazz.  i need to stop checking if they’re done for the night…it makes me want to eat a few more squares of chocolate and have just an itsy bit more of the above red stuff.  i’m serious, i’ll consider giving npr my money if they promise to halt those broadcasts.  i bet you i could win a place on the school board if i ran on a platform promising such things.


 this little guy has nothing to do with the post but darn it, he’s cute.


3 thoughts on “i’ll toss them a dollar or two only if…

  1. Right on! But they wouldn’t know what to do with you if you actually got on the school board… ; )

    He is adorable. Chocolate, vino, children…sounds like a favorite jazz CD would top off a perfectly good evening.

  2. Seriously! That sounds horrid!!

    It reminds me of elementary school in Kentucky when they would announce the school’s lunch menu over the radio station. Small towns are fun!

    PS. That baby is so darn adorable!!!! Lucky you to get to cuddle that little guy every day!

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