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i enjoy reading other blogger’s book lists and get great suggestions from them so i’ll add mine to the pile.  i started off 2007 with a list of books to be read, but i’m horrible at keeping those kind of lists.  here is my accomplished list.

  • snow – orhan pamuk   
  • the jane austen book club – karen joy fowler
  • the machiavelli covenant – allan folsom
  • housekeeping – marilynne robinson
  • sovereign – cj sansom
  • a thousand splendid suns – khaled hosseini
  • harry potter and the deathly hallows – jk rowling
  • anecdotes of destiny and ehrengard – isak dinesen
  • crows over the wheatfield:  a novel – adam braver
  • city of shadows – ariana franklin
  • the whistling season – ivan doig
  • a wrinkle in time – madeleine l’engle
  • parenting in the pews – robbie castleman
  • common sense parenting – kent hughes
  • teach like your hair’s on fire – rafe esquith
  • crawling – elisha cooper
  • hints on child training – henry clay trumbull
  • cities of god – rodney stark
  • america alone – mark steyn
  • not for sale:  the return of the global slave trade and how we can fight it – david batstone
  • bishop of rwanda – john rucyahana and james riordan
  • persian fire: the first world empire and the battle for the west – troy holland
  • the looming tower:  al qaeda and the road to 9/11 – lawrence wright
  • blue like jazz – donald miller
  • keeping house – margaret kim peterson
  • real food:  what to eat and why – nina planck
  • the hungry soul – leon kass
  • the reluctant tuscan – phil doran
  • building her house – nancy wilson
  • last harvest:  how a cornfield became new daleville:  real estate development in america from george washington to the builders of the twenty-first century, and why we live in houses – witold rybczynski
  • a class apart:  prodigies, pressures, and passion inside one of america’s best high schools – alec klein
  • emergence:  the connected lives of ants, brains, cities, and software – steven johnson

there is both the excellent and the mediocre on this list.  i had high hopes for pamuk’s snow…quite the disappointment in the end.  the bishop of rwanda is the most redemptive book i’ve read in a long time.  harry potter 7 is a satisfying series conclusion.  teach like your hair’s on fire made me think about teaching again.  the looming tower should be required reading for all – it’s a great history of islamic extremism and bin laden.  blue like jazz – i’m thinking this book is a bit overrated.  persian fire – i’m just happy i made it through that beast of a book.  last harvest gets added to other books i enjoy on new urbanism and will be consulted as we look to buy a house in the next few years.  hints on child training is one of my favorite books on raising kids.  cities of god is an excellent history of the urban movement and growth of christianity.  and ivan doig’s the whistling season is just lovely. 

    7 thoughts on “books and books

    1. Hey kate. I skimmed over your list and those are definitely some great titles. One of my favorites on your list is “Blue like Jazz”. That book is fantastic! I am a christian, and I related to many of his thoughts but I feel like its very relevant to people of other faiths, as well!
      I also love harry potter and I’m glad to see you got a little dorkiness in you haha. If you’re more of a dork, you should check out my blog at

    2. my dorkiness factor ought to go up when i tell you i also read a book about harry potter fans guessing what would happen in book 7 before it was published. it didn’t get added to the list because i don’t remember the name/authors. or i could just be honest and say i’m a bit embarrassed that i read 200+pages on the topic.

    3. No, it’s not. See, I skimmed that book, but I also read everything i could on the internet and wrote a lot of blogs about what i thought would happen haha. I don’t know if you know the limits my dorkiness can obtain so don’t feel too bad!

    4. Treasure trove of books! Hey, I know movies are not as high-brow, but how about a stab at a list of worthy dvds for the year? I’ll start with a few from recent years, off the top o’ me head :

      1. Stranger than Fiction–for literary types!
      2. Casino Royale–for James Bond haters like me who were pleasantly surprised.
      3. The Kingdom (not for the squeamish; worth the rent for the Mid East history lesson/timeline)

    5. we also really enjoyed “stranger than fiction.” my mind is going blank on most of the other movies we saw. all i can come up with are:
      in the bedroom
      everything is illuminated (a beautiful movie)
      bourne ultimatum
      second hand lions
      bridge to terabithia
      it was a slow movie year, to say the least.

    6. If I only finished what I started! I started too many to write down and completed a dismal few. Can you say, “New Year’s resolution?”

      Right now I’m reading:
      Counting My Chickens by the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire
      Him We Proclaim by Dennis E. Johnson
      The Reagan Diaries by himself
      A Grief Observed by CS Lewis.

      I’m a good ways through a couple of them and finally have a designated “reading time” for ME in our nutty schedule!

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