and it’s only the 5th

quite the new year, i must say.  the cousins arrived sunday along with my brother and sister-in-law.



monday:  off to the gardens.  no snow here but quite beautiful.

 and what’s a garden without some pigs

new year’s eve was filled with omar’s chicken tikka masala, pinot and crianza and a bit of asti to ring in the new year.  too busy eating and drinking to take any pictures.  the camera reappeared, though, when the instruments came out. rummaging through the house we came up with a guitar, cuatro, cello, mandolin and elisha’s for-now 4 stringed guitar. not too shabby.                 




 elisha missed out on the action the night before.


on wednesday asher thought it would be cool not to keep anything in his tummy, warranting a trip to the e.r. where for 8 hours he smiled for every doc, nurse, and tech that poked and prodded him.  i think it was all a ruse by asher so we’d hold him for 8 hours straight…it worked.  the babe is fine and turns out he had a virus that has been passed right along to the whole family.  so trust me, you don’t want any pictures of all that craziness.  a happy new year to all.  i’m getting in my last bit of christmas music and tree gazing. 


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