o (dead) christmas tree



watching elisha discover books i read as a little one is exciting.  he’s been enjoying an old “the night before christmas,” and one of my favorites, patricia scarry’s “the sweet smell of christmas.”  at the moment, though, the latter should be retitled “the sweet taste of christmas.”  he doesn’t quite have the sniffing action down.elisha seems to be enjoying the tree and is partial to a few homemade ornaments his dad and i made.  the first year omar and i were married i remembered my parents had an old christmas ornament kit they bought their first year of marriage 30+ years ago.  they completed several of the clothespin ornaments but the rest of the kit traveled the world through various moves and still managed to stay intact.  i pulled out the old box and with the help of some fresh paint we spent a few evenings creating these beauties and a few others.  i can’t believe all the parts were still there.  i’m partial to the hula girl.




speaking of the tree.  it’s dead.  and in a trash pit.  it was a beautiful tree.  but according to “boys and girls club” i am unable to care for trees.  to them i’m a scammer.  after twenty minutes, and a few tears, i convinced the guy i was talking to that a mom of a 2 month old and a 19 month old doesn’t have the energy to run around miami scamming for refunds on tree purchases.  no worries, though, we managed to find friends who are going out of town and lovingly donated theirs. maybe we should try this tactic next year…  


3 thoughts on “o (dead) christmas tree

  1. I am looking for this exact kit!! We had these ornaments and loved them. They seem to have disappeared. If there is any way to find a duplicate kit, I would love to hear about it!! Thanks for the memory!!!

  2. hi there linda, i just saw an unopened box on ebay. but it just sold for 66 dollars. i’ve looked for another box for a few years now and that’s the first time i’ve found one. the company was arrow handicraft. hope that helps!

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